Monday, July 11, 2005

Comartin vs. Catholicism

So the the Joe Comartin thing is kind of annoying.

The NDP MP and long-time catholic stood up in the house and said that he supports same sex marriage and has been a marriage counselor for his church for however many years, so the church took away his right to continue to do the counseling.
Makes sense to me - I think that was quite the challenge to the church.
But uproar ensued.

Comartin is fairly well-liked - I've been assured he's a good guy. But two things are bothering me about this:

1. If Joe doesn't believe in what Catholicism is teaching, it's time to reconsider what religion he's following. If he wants a church that believes in gay marriage, the United Church would, I'm sure, be more than happy to take him.

Religions are not supposed to change to suit your beliefs - you're supposed to choose the religion that most closely matches your opinions of the world and spirituality.

2. A lot of people are concerned that the Catholic Church is trying to tell MPs how to vote on an issue. I don't see it that way - I see it as the Church contacting people in positions of influence who should hold the same views as them (since they are Catholic, too) and asking them to stand up for their beliefs.

Besides, Layton whips the NDP vote anyways - if people were worried about the Windsor-Tecumseh MP's ability to vote his conscience, they gave the wrong party 41% of the vote last time around.

Anyways, the main problem is that the government stuck its nose in religion's business, because that's what it likes to do.
Things would be simpler if statists kept their noses to themselves.


Andrew said...

You're absolutely 100% right.

The "me too" chorus and the walkouts as reported in today's Star are just icing on the cake. I don't understand it - if you don't want to believe in what the Church is saying, find another one? There are dozens of them!

Liam O'Brien said...

Joe's experience may very well be related to the Catholic church he choses to attend. The levels of orthodoxy vary. Besides, if Joe is anything like his buddy Svend, I'm sure he went through the effort of staging this thing in such a way as to maximize publicity.