Monday, July 11, 2005

Liberty Summer Seminar

Note the banner at the top of the page for the Liberty Summer Seminar in Orono, Ontario this summer. A weekend of camping and libertarianism. You want to go, you know you do.

Cost is pretty low and includes food and a camping spot.

I know I'll be there.


P. M. Jaworski said...

Hey 'mostlyfree,' thanks!

mostlyfree said...

No problem.

(Am also known as "Janet" - the one with a Windsor Star for you!)

ToryBlue said...

I heard this is a great event! Unfortunately (but also forunately since I love the East Coast!) I'll be in Nova Scotia that weekend for vacation!

Have fun! :)


Michael Cust said...

Liberty Summer Seminar is the best libertarian event in Canada. It should not be missed.

Peter Jaworski is the Preston Manning of Canadian libertarianism.