Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Quiet Down, Statist!

Calling Ujjal Dosanjh an idiot and a statist seems to be stating the obvious.
Saying it again would be a bit like beating a dead horse.
Of course, in Canada the horse lives because it can get health care, even if you can't.

Dosanjh demonstrates his infinite wisdom by explaining why choice is bad and makes it clear that he has no idea how two-tier health care works in order to clear things up for those of us who were under the impression that he might be competent. The man needs to shut up.

Meanwhile The Globe and Mail does its best to shatter any hope I have for the media by writing an unbelievably slanted article.

Thank any god you believe in for Steven Fletcher, who quite often leaves Dosanjh at a loss for words (never a bad thing, obviously) and wearing tire marks as he stumbles to be politically correct in the face of Fletcher's condition while Fletcher hammers the grits for their meaningless policies that deal with all things health care.

Choice in health care... now that seems like a good starting point for a few key policy points that a certain floundering federal party could use to break away from the herd and differentiate itself in the minds of voters once and for all.

Call the waiting lists of the current system what they are: the result of the rationing system of a socialist state run by a hypocritical, tired old man.

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