Monday, August 08, 2005

Tory Transit Tax Incentive.

There's praise for the new Tory policy to provide tax incentives for people who use and businesses who promote the use of public transit.

Am I the only one who's more than a little uncomfortable with this?

Now if you save up the money and do the work required to purchase a car or you choose to use your investment to drive to work you're apparently less deserving of your own money than someone who only takes the bus, whether or not they're able to afford a car. And what about people who ride their bike instead of driving or taking the bus?
Not to mention this is just more subsidizing and promotion of the TTC.

How about tax breaks across the board and some innovative health care policy?
Now that would get me excited about CPC policy.


Mitch said...

As your post on my site says, this proposal is lame. My only 'transportation' policy would be to remove gas taxes out of general revenue and dedicate all those funds for roads and infrastructure.

Andrew said...

I've got to disagree with the ideology on this one. Windsor's air is awful, and although the U.S. is the usual whipping boy for it, I wouldn't bet against our single vehicle-single driver ways being in the #1 smog-producing spot.

What transit offers is a reasonable alternative that, when done properly (not that I'm saying Windsor's is by any means), gets cars off the road, saves time, and saves the overall capital and operating expense of maintaining and/or widening huge roads, as well as saving green space for the city.

In Ottawa, for example - I don't need a car. Admittedly, my transportation is state-subsidized via the transit system. But it just seems like a better use of resources; better use of gas, better use of land. I'm for lower taxes and minimizing government requirements, and that includes land consumption.

It does cost more financially, but it conserves the liveability of our communities for future generations.

Liam O'Brien said...

I hope nothing in the new policy stops CPC from also capping/cutting gas taxes.