Monday, September 12, 2005

five points

Well I'm back from Europe. Anyone who hasn't gone must go once. It's amazing.

Between being back to school and into the thick of things with family, work, etc. I haven't really thought up a real post, but I'll do this anyways:

1. What the hell is with this "HArper" stuff? I think I missed something.

2. My MP is a tool and apparently wants to picket with striking CBC workers, perhaps as an outlet to help him get over his hatred of big, evil corporations. (I enjoyed this post on the topic.)

How about we sell sell sell the CBC? You know, because state-run broadcasters are a great big waste of everyone's money, especially the CBC, who doesn't give a damn what any normal Canadian wants to watch, read or listen to.

And how about Standing Up for the corporations that actually provide the jobs instead of the unions that are driving them out of Windsor! Maybe some small business owners? Fewer subsidies? Anything?
A little less emphasis on how much we need to pick economic winners and losers, please.

While I'm ranting, Watson also voted to ban trans-fats. No need to care about freedom for consumers - Jeff knows best!

3. Does anyone know a good charity to give to for Katrina victims? I've heard rumours about the Red Cross being too bureaucratic for money to get through to the people, but that could have been a big fat lie.

4. If the government starts doing price controls on gas, I... quit, or something.

5. In Amsterdam, beer was the same price as pop and you could buy it at convenience stores. You can smoke cigarettes almost everywhere, pot is legal and being consumed around practically every corner, and there are hookers knocking on the glass at you as you go by.

Horror of horrors, of the hundreds (and hundreds) of people in the city on their bikes, I didn't see one with a helmet.

There weren't even safety rails around the canals!

Miraculously, anarchy hadn't erupted, and there weren't piles of corpses entwined with their bicycles piled on every street corner (or out of the canals).

I guess increased personal freedom isn't the destructor of society that some would have you believe.


Clinton P. Desveaux said...

Hey I wrote a great column on Marc Emery, it's called, "Marc Emery: Criminal or Freedom Fighter?"
Enjoy it you might have to scroll through my past work and it should show up. You might also want to look on google for it!

Clinton P. Desveaux said...

Here it is!

BBS said...

LOL - Welcome back!

HArper - scared little troll with few intelligent things to say other than 'scary' conservatives and 'bizzare' Harper. Yawn.

Glad to hear you enjoyed Amsterdam. It's certainly an eye-opener for North Americans.

Oh yeah - back to work!

Liam O'Brien said...

Well, I guess you're gonna have to start working out a nomination strategy...get a free marketer in there... Or at least bitch slap Watson...

mostlyfree said...

Liam - I'd love to get someone else in there, but there hasn't been an opportunity for a nomination race in Essex this time around. Not sure if there will be, but I'm guessing there won't be an opportunity to replace him until after the next election.

I'm currently working in Windsor-Tecumseh for Rick Fuschi instead, though.

Nick Kouvalis said...

Careful with the suggestion of bitch slapping......

you might end up in jail

Liam O'Brien said...

You're right. Watson's comments place him more in the "sone of a bitch" category....:P