Saturday, September 24, 2005

Why Carol Jamieson is a Liberal

While peeking out from under the massive pile of schoolwork, job related work, and day-to-day stuff that I have to do, I would've had to be blind to miss the Carol Jamieson madness that was going on.

Granted, I'm last on the bandwagon for this one (or damn near last), but someone has to explain why this woman is a Liberal, and I don't have time to read all the blogs to see if it's already been done to an extent I'm satisfied with.

Carol Jamieson would, I'm sure, produce a long list of titles, campaigns and associations that she has run or been a part of and then ask me "How dare I accuse me of being a Liberal?" After all, I've only worked with the federal party on and off for the past few years.

(From Stephen Taylor's blog comments:

The facts are clear. I have been an organizer for various forms of the Conservative party, both federally and provincially for longer than most of you have been alive x 2. - Carol Jamieson)

We all know that what really matters is seniority, right?

Wrong, Carol.

Maybe seniority used to matter, but that system certainly hasn't gotten this party anywhere. Very soon what's going to matter is productivity and usefulness and (to pat myself on the back) I think I've packed in an awful lot of those two things in the past couple of years. I mean, we won Essex, and I think we're well on our way to winning Windsor-freaking-Tecumseh.

Jamieson alleges that Stephen Harper is the reason that Canadians are not supporting the Conservative Party of Canada.

Has she organized the campaigns in her area? Has she set up and helped run phone banks, walked polls and knocked on doors with candidates to come to this conclusion? Has she sent out literature pieces or held town halls? Unlikely.

CPC National Councillor Vitor Marciano points out that the GTA President's Council, which Jamieson proudly boasts is a powerful party group in (obviously) the GTA which she is a vice-chair for, is neither recognized by the party nor has it been active since April. (hat tip, Stephen Taylor.)

I'm guessing Carol has polling results emailed to her straight from the pollsters (as many party members do) and then fell for the media's "It's all Harper's fault!" campaign.

The candidate doesn't matter that much, in any way other than they must be willing to work hard. If Jeff Watson is good for anything, it's showing that you can really elect anyone with enough hard work. If you organize to rally hard workers behind someone and lead by example, working hard to motivate them, you can elect your candidate. (A good candidate obviously makes rallying workers easier, but it's not necessary.)

Even if Stephen Harper isn't popular with Canadians right now, it's no excuse for sitting on your hands and whining at the top of your lungs. Do some damned work.

Conservatives need to learn to accept responsibility for abysmally low support levels in their ridings if they haven't been campaigning; Jamieson is nothing but an extreme example of someone who hasn't - she would be insignificant if she hadn't managed to get herself on the news as a party organizer.

'Well that's all well and good,' you might be thinking, 'but why is Carol Jamieson a Liberal?'

Here's why:

Instead of working hard for the voter support that we deserve, Jamieson thinks that this party is entitled to power.

Instead of taking responsibility for her problems, she chooses Harper as a scapegoat and puts the blame on him.

Sounds like a Liberal to me.


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