Thursday, October 06, 2005

why do Liberals hate freedom?

What is it with this new trend of Liberals coming up with some sort of scheme to force people to vote? I've seen it pop up in some blogs lately, have heard it from some young Liberals and now apparently this Liberal Senator wants to fine people who don't vote $50.

Under Harb's proposed legislation, registered voters who don't cast ballots would escape the penalty if they provide a written reason justifying their absence.

What the hell? Is this grade school?

And what if I don't vote, don't give a written explanation and don't pay? Will I eventually go to jail for not voting?

Dear Liberals:
How about pissing off and letting people decide what to do - or not do - with their vote?

I'm thinking that this grit thinks that if they force people to vote more people will vote for them. Their overwhelming urge to find a way around doing some GOTV reminds me of certain "Conservatives'" recent behaviour.

On the bright side,

Alex Swann, a spokesman for Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan, said the federal government is not interested in any sort of mandatory voting requirement.

For now... but I'm hearing about this a lot lately. Maybe just a coincidence? I hope so.

I think there's probably a good chance that any party that tries to pass legislation forcing people to vote with a penalty of fining them will probably have record numbers of votes... against them.


David Simpson said...

Let the Liberals put this forward. I doubt it could pass before the House rises in an election and it certainly give us another issue displaying Liberal arrogance.

Lord Kitchener's Own said...

I love that the Liberals can't recommend anything these days without it being some kind of crazy left-wing plot of evil corruption.

Like the Liberals just pulled mandatory voting out of thin air, to help themselves. As though mandatory voting doesn't exist in several other countries (notably Australia).

Don't get me wrong, I don't support mandatory voting, but if conservatives keep refering to absolutely everything the Liberals do as some sort of corrupt conspiracy, then:

1) it lessesn the impact of the Liberals ACTUAL corruption (if everything is corruption and opportunisim, then nothing is...)

and, 2)People will stop listening to the Conservatives, even when they make valid points (and with only 25-30% of the country listening to them now, that can't be a good thing...).

And one can call this "Liberal arrogance" but I don't see how that is any more helpful than calling conservative opposition to the plan "Tory cowardice" (as in, "What's the matter? Scared that if the whole country actually VOTES you'll get an even smaller share of the vote than you do now?").

As I said, I don't support this idea either, but if conservatives keep opposing things simply because the Liberals are bad bad people, then I don't know how much longer I can listen to them at all.

mostlyfree said...

LKO: When did I say that it's a Liberal conspiracy? I just said that Liberals seem to have been coming up with the idea lately.

Really, I wouldn't be surprised if the grits brought it forward and we supported it. That seems to be the way the party is going on anything related to freedom of Canadians lately, anyways. I'll be against it when we do it just like I'm against if when Liberals propose it.

If we increase spending, I'll oppose it. If the grits cut taxes, I'll support it.

I'm a great big policy nerd; any big political party's worst nightmare. :)

Liam O'Brien said...

Welcome to the club. All political parties need more of us policy nerds! LOL!