Tuesday, November 29, 2005

politics is so much fun.

The campaign has gotten underway pretty well in Windsor-Tecumseh. Hundreds of signs are already up and are continuing to go up. Rick has knocked on over 13,000 doors and held a couple of town halls. It's amazing and gratifying to stand behind someone so hard-working and sincere.

We've gotten some great media hits in the past few weeks. 1984 PC Candidate Tom Porter has agreed to be an honourary Campaign Chair. Our voter tracking shows former non-supporters who are changing their mind. Not to mention Harper was looking and sounding great last night.

It's good to be back in a campaign. The political situation for the last year and a half has been exhausting. Just need to finish exams and then I can really get to work!

I'll try to update a bit more often during the next 55 days. Happy campaigning, everyone!


P. M. Jaworski said...

Good, Janet. If you update it, I'll visit. I guess I'll visit anyways, since your site is bookmarked already.

Weigh in on the drug issue. I've posted this recently. I think this is a big issue, and I'm sorry to hear the Tory policy on it. (Similarly with health care and gay marriage... alas).

mostlyfree said...

Peter -

I'm very disappointed with the tory policies on health and drugs. Our campaign manager has been trying to calm me down because I told him I'm quitting after five more press releases like the ones they've been putting out this week.

I'd love for a free vote to take the government out of marriage, but I don't think that's in the cards regardless of which (major) party I vote for.

Andrew said...

You can't be disappointed with the Windsor Star's coverage of the Essex riding over the past few days eh?

mostlyfree said...

I've hardly had time to read the Star, but I was a big fan of a certain MP being outed for not living in his riding.

Can't wait for exams to be done to get into real campaign mode! Trying to do both is just silly.

Andrew said...

Yeah... of course, they couldn've mentioned how Spanky doesn't like in his riding either...

mostlyfree said...

They could have - but it's not an issue in Windsor the way it is in Essex. For some reason (maybe because they hate Windsor) Essex constituents don't believe that someone from outside of Essex can properly represent them or understand the needs of the riding.

One of the questions I was asked most often at the doors with Jeff was whether or not he lived in the riding, and he had me telling people that he and Sara had already picked a house in Belle River and would be moving in shortly after the election. Obviously a lie. Last time it became an issue he told people he had bought a house in LaSalle. That was months ago. He's still living on Jessop.

This is a sore spot for me. I don't appreciate it when someone makes a liar of me.