Friday, November 04, 2005

Windsor-Tecumseh Town Hall

I have been a terrible, terrible blogger. In my defense I'm not paying attention to much other than textbooks, midterms and assignments lately... except for all the fliers for the

Town Hall Meeting
with Windsor-Tecumseh Conservative Candidate

Rick Fuschi
Tuesday, November 15, 7pm
Knights of Columbus on Lesperance in Tecumseh

So anyone who can make it out should make the trip. It should be a good night.

Windsor-Tecumseh: the riding that's so cool, (Essex MP) Jeff Watson just can't stop holding events there!
(Essex: the riding that's not quite cool enough for Jeff Watson to bother moving there!)

I couldn't resist.


Andrew said...


mostlyfree said...


Yeah, the House of Commons sites has always said that, but he still lives on Jessop. (Well, he mostly lives in Ottawa.)

Great letter in the star the other day, btw. :)

Liam O'Brien said...
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Liam O'Brien said...

HEY! I just tagged you for his blog game (Mentok tagged me).
Details can be found here. Sorry if this is annoying . . .lol

Whelan said...
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mostlyfree said...


Actually, I work for Fuschi and I like slagging liars and borderline socialists, regardless of which party they're in.

Don't worry, I also go after thieves, so I'll have some things to say about your party, too.