Wednesday, December 07, 2005

handgun ban??

OK so I haven't been updating as much as advertised, but the rumours of a Liberal policy announcement tomorrow are just too much for me to take.

A BAN on all handguns?

I seriously hope that Canadians squash the Liberals like a mosquito you feel just starting to bite your arm (quickly, messily and over zealously, in case you were curious) for even thinking about proposing something this disgusting.

In other news, our early voting effort is going well. How's yours?


Ottawa Core said...

put Peter Kent on the job. he is the conservative candidate for St Paul’s (ON) and co-chair for Uniting Toronto Against Guns.

mostlyfree said...

They should put him on the job for signing such a ridiculous petition. Remember, killing someone with a gun is completely different than killing someone with a lead pipe or a knife.

Stabbings are a problem in Calgary. Maybe we should ban knives, too! /sarcasm

P. M. Jaworski said...

banning handguns is ludicrous. this policy is as likely to work as banning criminals is. stupid, stupid, stupid. i have a nice long post about this here.