Friday, January 27, 2006

Windsor Liberty Seminar

WLS Banner

Registraton for the Windsor Liberty Seminar opens today. You can learn more and/or register by clicking on the banner above.

Come on down to Windsor on March 11 for a weekend of learning and liberty in Canada's very own "sin city." The Superbowl will be over and we've got nothin' to do after then.

The speakers are great and hopefully we can get some new people out and excited about freedom-oriented activism.

If you'd like to post the banner to help us advertise please let us know so that we can thank you!

Note: thanks to sponsorship by the Institute for Humane Studies, this event is open free of charge.


Ian said...

Hey, thanks for this. Windsor is my hometown and the University is where my wife graduated from. I'm gonna try to rally some troops and attend.
I didn't notice a cost, is there one??
I linked to this on my blog.

mostlyfree said...

Awesome, thanks!

No charge, thanks to sponsorship from the IHS. I added that info to the post.

Ian said...

Hehe, sorry, I didn't notice.
I think I have some interested people who want to attend. Will there be a literature table?? I need to know how much money to bring. ;)

Brendan said...

Once the current Niagara Falls banner comes off the Campus PC site the Windsor Liberty Seminar banner will go up.

mostlyfree said...


There doesn't look like there will be an official literature table (although we're trying) but there will be tshirts from Bureaucrash and we're encouraging Jan Narveson and Lydia Miljan to bring their books, plus we're trying to get some Fraser Forums or something, too.


Awesome, thanks!