Saturday, February 11, 2006

spin, spin, spin.

I always find the ways in which the news is spun particularily amusing. For instance, Pierre Bourque has chosen to jump on the Emerson thing like a fat kid on a muffin. Sure, he's offering both sides of the story, but a little font size manipulation goes a long way when you're presenting the headlines.

(As you can see, Gretzky is also getting the short end of the stick.)

One other thing that amuses me is how quickly Bourque Newswatch changed its tune once what Kinsella wanted (Paul Martin out) was accomplished. It's fun to remember that despite the fact that he has one of the biggest egos on the net, we can always count on Bourque to ask "how high?" when Warren tells him to jump.


Andrew said...

Bourque *was* a federal Liberal candidate under Chretien!

I do note that he is going after Emerson moreso than Harper.

I've always considered Bourque and Nealenews to be the Left and Right-Wing aggregators, respectively.

Nick Kouvalis said...

Kinsella, Bourque and ? Who's the 3rd Amigo?