Thursday, March 30, 2006

i just donated to the Western Standard

I just donated to the Western Standard, and you should, too.

The Western Standard is being sued for publishing the Mohammed cartoons by some nutty imam in Calgary who seems to be intent on giving all kinds of Muslims a bad name. This imam, Syed Soharwardy, first tried to have Ezra Levant arrested, but when the police explained to him that this is Canada and you can't go to jail for exercising freedom of speech, he decided to spite them and freedom lovers everywhere by proving that while the government won't detain you for exercising a freedom, it is more than willing to sue you.

And so, by using the Alberta Human Rights Commission as his vehicle, Soharwardy has successfully ensured that the Western Standard has to pay $75,000 (which the magazine is attempting to raise) and spend hours in court to defend its rights over what is obviously a nuisance charge. If you're in Alberta, you'll be pleased to hear that you, yes you, you lucky taxpayer, you, will be paying for Soharwardy's side of the trial.

I won't go into all the additional reasons (not personally, anyway) that this is a stupid charge but for all you freedom lovers out there, here's a chance to put your money where your mouth is.

I'm a student so I can't afford much, but I can afford a little. Maybe you can afford a little less, maybe a little more. But however much you can afford, this is your chance to stand up for a freedom that is already restricted too much in this country, so pitch in and do what you can!


PGP said...

Considering it...however Levant has jumped the gun on this clain that they are being "sued" The HRC is not a court and has no jurisdiction to enforce any claim.
They can only decide whether a violation has taken place.

MapMaster said...

Likewise, to my limited means as a student, I contributed. I consider it an investment.