Wednesday, March 08, 2006

John Tory on health care.

I was disappointed last Friday morning to once again hear John Tory harping on the importance of having only one payer in the Ontario health care system.

He did manage to lighten the mood (well, my mood anyways) by using what was, by far, the worst metaphor anyone has ever used to defend a single-payer health care system.

John Tory says: "We can't leave some people stuck on a leaky boat while others are able to use their resources to buy their way onto a better boat."
(Not verbatim, but that was the spirit of it.)

My inner monologue says: "That's right, John! You keep everybody on that leaky boat! Fuck the lifeboats, we are going down with this ship!

Later, the boyfriend says: "Yeah, because the last thing you want to do is lighten the load on a leaking boat."

Oh, the fun to be had with that metaphor. I'm certainly not getting sick of it any time soon.


PGP said...

Good analogy....The Canadian Healthcare system is very much like the Titanic!
Oversized, over-rated and poorly managed.

Will John Tory care to play the character of Jack "I'm The King of the World!" ?? Who would play Rose?

This picture is disturbing my chi!

PGP said...

Oh Yeah.....and about to sink from taking on a gapping hole called spiralling medical costs....

Andrew said...

Glad to see this post has found a new home.

mostlyfree said...

Yeah, that was a mistake. I'm still not used to having posting privileges for two blogs.