Sunday, March 19, 2006

protesters and smoking bans: a two part post.

I won't get into how I feel about the war in Iraq and our soldiers in Afghanistan, but I am pretty amused by the stories about the protests that happened this weekend, and in particular by one story that reported a protester carrying a sign that said "Harper, you were barely elected!" This is, of course, amusing because Harper didn't send the troops into Afghanistan, the Liberals did. And if you put the Tories (who support having troops there) and the Liberals (who sent them there in the first place), you have quite a large majority of the House.

It just makes me laugh when someone's partisan objectives shine through when they try to take the moral high ground as a disguise.

In other news, a town in California has blown Ontario's imminent smoking ban out of the water in terms of the extremes it's going to to keep second-hand smoke away from non-smokers (click) and, as usual, people with no concept of what anybody's rights are come rushing in to defend the ban. Le sigh.

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Shameer Ravji said...

The protests wouldn't even happen if the favourite candidate of the naive, Bill Clinton, was in the White House and had sent troops into Iraq which he would have done in 1998 if the wasn't so preoccupied with impeachment.