Wednesday, April 12, 2006

climate change

This is the best article I've read on climate change since February 2003.


Lord Kitchener's Own said...

Yeah, it's a great article that completely ignores the fact that there was a HUGE jump in temperatures in 1998 due to El Nino, so that if you look at the climate data over a time period a little longer than those 7 years (!) you find that the average annual temperature of the planet was steadily increasing, then there was a huge spike in 1998, so it went down quite a bit in 1999 (after a record breaking spike) and then continued it's steady rise. Saying that there is a hole in Global warming theory because temperatuires didn't rise from 1998 to 2005, is like saying that there couldn't have been such a thing as "the depression" because the stock market contiunually rose from 1930-1935 (conveniently ignoring the historic crash of 1929). It's an idiotic argument, and pretty transparent.

I'm positive scientists will be proven right on this in the not too distant future. And that is truly frightening.

mostlyfree said...

LKO: For skeptics such as yourself, Ross McKitrick's site is always helpful.

There are more in-depth analyses of temperature trends over the last several thousand years, as well as links to supporters of Kyoto and the like.

dr_dog said...

The best part of the global warming panic is when Kyoto's proponents admit that, even if fully implemented, it wouldn't have any measurable effect on the Earth's temperature rise. Of course, its effects on our wallets will be noticeable indeed.

I'm glad Rona Ambrose seems to recognise this.

Lois said...

I didn't read the article, darling - I could tell right away that I quite agree.

I despise pollution and feel strongly about preserving a bountiful planet we're very lucky to have.

Yet I don't feel that global warming is man-made. Goodness, what about all that heat during the reign of the dinosaurs? And the subsequent Age of Ice? The climate changes.

I do prefer a cleaner Earth, though, with more and improved transit, and cars with far, far great fuel efficiency, and a stronger sense of personal responsibility. Canadians have sat on their behinds waiting for the government to force them to change their habits for over a decade. Time to get the ball rolling yourselves, poppets.

Lois said...

I don't want to sound rude, I'm merely curious - is that persnickety and so-fussy Word Verification necessary on a site that (smartly) doesn't allow anonymous comments?

Just asking, dear, I'm perfectly happy to participate however you wish.

mostlyfree said...


I tried just stopping the allowance of anonymous comments, but people set up bots to leave annoying ads and the like on every blog they come across, so I was forced to start using the word verification.

Trust me, I hate it more than most people and I'd get rid of it if I could avoid the bots another way.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Lois said...

Oh, I see!

I had no idea.

Thanks so much, dear!