Tuesday, April 11, 2006

five, count 'em, five commitments!

Is it starting to irritate anyone else that some members of the opposition have just not gotten over the fact that the government is focusing on its five priorities? I keep CPAC on in the background while I'm cleaning or doing homework or whatever, and I keep hearing MPs who are shocked and appalled that the government was vague on its environmental plans. Meanwhile Harper was clear that we're going to get his five priorities through before focusing on anything else.

It's almost like all they want is empty rhetoric and idle promises. Though I suppose if the environment is your thing, that's what you're going to talk about.

Certainly after yesterday's sad showing for the Afghanistan debate we should be hearing less about that, at least.


PGP said...

The concept of having a commitment in the first place is so foreign to the liberal left that it will never sink in!

Nick Kouvalis said...

One, Two, Four...

No, no, no

One, Two, FFThree, Four, Five

Got it!

Lois said...

I'm excited about Harper's no-nonsense style of Getting Things Done - lists are the only way to get anywhere in life, remember.

Admittedly, the environment is a chief concern to me, and I do like to see action.

However, if Harper is going to leave gas taxes uncapped, that's enough of a commitment for me for now, til he gets his list all ticked off.

For the record, I can't possibly imagine that any Opposition MPs have any real commitment to the environment in their personal lives. Not as much as I do, anyhow.