Thursday, May 11, 2006


So I'm flipping through the Windsor Star before heading to work this morning and I come across an article regarding McGuinty bitching (again) about the fact that Ontario puts more into the equalization transfers than it gets. It's entitled "We pay for benefits for others."

Well, yeah. That's kind of how socialism works, and your government has been trumpeting the "greater good" as the cause behind a helluva lot of measures it's passed in Ontario. But let's put that aside and focus on the issue at hand.

McGuinty insists that "the national equalization program shouldn't be enriched to help poorer provinces that choose to keep tuitions low and slash taxes."

So the provincial government is upset that the federal government is taking money from it to do things that it doesn't necessarily agree with (even though most of the other provinces, who are net benefactors in the equalization program, agree) because it makes more than the other provinces? Does Ontario wish that it could benefit from its own prosperity rather than divvying up its earnings?

Well I could totally get on board with the government on this one... but I find it a little bit strange that they advocate doing the exact same thing they're complaining about to higher-income earners within the province when they obviously see the downside to such practises.

Is there a good way to take "McGuinty" and "hypocrites" and make them into one word?

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