Thursday, June 08, 2006


Quebec to Allow Private Health Insurance!

Even if it's limited, this is definitely a step in the right direction. I'm so glad to see that the Chaoulli decision had this effect. Let's just hope the rest of the country catches on...

(I guess the death of Zarqawi is a big story, but I would have loved for CBC to have to broadcast this across their homepage, rather than the ten-point font link that's up now.)

From a partisan political perspective, the Liberals might have a harder time attacking us on "two-tier health care" when they have to bash Quebec to do it, which would be spiffy. I guess we'll see.

This just made my day. :D

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

common sense drug policy

LEAP, a group I recently became aware of after reading Pierre Lemieux's column in the latest Western Standard (a worthwhile read for any libertarian, 'case you don't know and you're curious) presents the most logical formal presentation on the problems with the drug policies usually supported by c/Conservatives and how legalization could be a step forward in solving the drug/crime problem here.

It's definitely worth a watch, even if you don't agree.

Click click click. (You know you wanna.)

it's that time again

That's right, kids, it's time once again to get all revved up for:

The Liberty Summer Seminar!

You may have already heard about this years' seminar, in which case this is a handy reminder to register before July 1 for the early bird rate! If you haven't, here's my little plug to give you an idea:

Hosted by Peter Jaworski at his parents' beautiful property in Orono, Ontario, the Liberty Summer Seminar is an unbelievable weekend of camping, eating, music, and bonding over a love for (or interest in) freedom and is turning six this year!

The big speaker will be Dr. Michael Walker, who was the Executive Director of the Fraser Institute from 1974 - 2005... which is pretty cool, and I'm excited to hear him speak. I'm sure Dr. Jan Narveson will be making his annual appearance and putting all young partiers to shame once again this year with his trusty plastic glass of red wine, while verbally destroying anyone who dares speak ill of liberty in his presence. (Really, people, arguing with an Order of Canada recipient is not such a smart thing to do. The guy just knows a lot of stuff.)

If you're interested in how liberty affects our everyday lives and how we can be more free in society, it's a great event to attend, as you learn a lot, do some great networking, and have a crapload of fun while you're at it.

It's a great weekend and I hope some can make it. If you know anyone who's interested please pass on the site.

Bernier's bad bet

Adrian Wyld/Canadian Press Maxime Bernier is taking a gamble. He believes that there is a large, disenfranchised voting bloc in Canada...