Thursday, July 06, 2006

back off! pay your own mortgage!

Good on Garth Turner for going after MP's mortgage subsidies. I'm not usually a huge fan of Garth's, but this is one battle worth fighting and having a Tory come out against it is great.

This is the kind of thing a Conservative government could quash without losing voter support (heck, you'd probably win some), and for those reasons the kind of thing I was really hoping we would go after once we were in government.

There's absolutely no reason that an MP, making the money that they do, can't pay for an apartment in Ottawa along with their home in their riding without any government allowance whatsoever. There are people out there who make ends meet in similar situations with far less - they certainly aren't helped by MPs taking away hard-earned money to make life easier for themselves.

Not to mention that, as Anchorlink points out, these allowances can even be used to pay for mortgages on property that MPs owned before being elected. (She is also the source for this post's tagline and the hi-liarious graphic seen above.)

I don't even want to think about how my MP, who still hasn't bothered to actually move to his riding (it's so darn hard to sell your property when you overprice it by $20K) is spending this allowance.

So kudos to Garth on this one. Hopefully his reputation as a maverick won't get him written off on this one.

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