Thursday, November 16, 2006

Milton Friedman

I was very sorry to read about the passing of Milton Friedman this afternoon as a result of heart failure.

It's sad to see the life of such a great freedom-fighter and economist come to an end. I wish I could have had the opportunity to meet him.

Jason Talley at Bureaucrash did a very nice post on Friedman. So did the Cato Institute.

I won't try to top them.

Rest in peace.


Liam O'Brien said...

This one hit me hard. I was much younger when Hayek died, so it only sank in later . . . but this one was tough. He'll be missed.

notloz said...

Jeez the legacy of the right does'nt even know that hayak near the end of his life stated to see the relvence of socialism.
AS did JSM AS did burke

But it also goes unreported that Big buisness is far more incidious then simple coersion.

If Hayak were alive today he would say that free markets manipulate people into action.

Competition in the Nth degree turn's into ruthlessness.
The value of human life (individual and species) in this system is quantified into dollars.
If a small buisness wants to compte with the big boys they have to emulate their buisness practices and explit the human and enviromental resources.
Coersion is a much better form of directing minds for it is reasoned based.
Life should start becoming a factor in our economic system.
We should not let systems that we created take hold of the human race.
OH wait FREEDOM, well our "FREEDOM" comes from exploiting the second and third world nations.
And just because were seprated from media and geographical filters where we cannot recognize the harm we cause, doen't make it right.

In my opinion it makes it worse.

At least when a ruthless killer or dictator exstiquish's a life they are more connected to the harm they cause. We are seperated by the harm we cause but make no mistake the harm is the same.