Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Now you might be thinking to yourself, "Where the hell did she find this? This comic is full of crap!" Well, you'd be right, but that's not the comic's fault - it's because it's from the government. Government isn't good at very many things, but it is fantastic at being absolutely full of crap.

Superkids is a comic from 1976 that was created by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Resources Canada. It seems to be some bizarre form of state propaganda that you would think would be confined to crazy fringe groups like PeTA and governments in books like 1984. I guess Orwell got the year wrong.

Anyway, their powers come from a magical rock, complete with instructions. The wonderful irony is that if the rock actually did exist the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Resources would totally regulate it and those kids would not be allowed to use it. Then we'd all end up homeless and poor by 1996 because they couldn't divide our garbage for us.

There's also this one, which is just downright creepy, in my humble opinion:

You can see the rest of the comics here... they get more ridiculous (but harder to make into a quick post before supper) as time goes on. Unfortunately the guy whose site they're on has some wacky opinions of his own, but at least he provided us with tonight's amusement.

So if you were alive in 1976 and paying taxes, sucks to be you.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Wednesday.

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