Monday, January 29, 2007

triumphant return?

So I'm back. After a ridiculously dramatic period in my life, a friend was acquitted in spite of dubious actions by my MP.

So that's my excuse for not blogging.

AND yet another reason that politicians shouldn't be making the moral decisions of Canadians. Let's leave that to Canadians.

Anyway, the House sits again today, and it's off to the races. With the ads that just came out we certainly can't write off the possibility of a spring election.

Plus there's ATM fees and environmental policy everywhere!

So between the standard and not-so standard political drama, a class on contemporary moral issues and yet another wonderful Liberty Seminar coming up, I'm sure I'll find something to blog about. Stay tuned.

The year is certainly off to an interesting start.

Bernier's bad bet

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