Thursday, February 22, 2007

ban the ban!

If there's one thing the new PC* party loves, it's bans. Bans, bans, bans. Smoking bans, pit bull bans, and now, just for good measure, light bulb bans. (And let's not forget coal plant bans. Nevermind that clean coal plants are likely the best option for Ontario.)

Honestly now. Tory isn't releasing any policy, so I don't know what he's for, but he definitely seems to be against personal choice and freedom.

This is just ridiculous. I say ban the bans!

The new PC* party needs to remember that some of us don't have unconditional loyalty to any party that is Not The Liberals, and that we actually, you know, expect some sort of good policy from the party we're going to support.

(*Don't say the C-word!!! We are NOT Mike Harris!! Honestly!! It's PC now.)


Neo Conservative said...

hmmm... had a few shots tonight, kiddo?

liberal michael bryant was the genius behind the pit-bull ban and dalton mcshifty was the guy who was gonna outlaw coal...

i personally loved john tory taking a position on caledonia... you know... one that didn't involve abject surrender.

liberty is good... liberal yip-yap is bad.


mostlyfree said...

Regardless of who introduced it, most of the Tory caucus (including Tory himself) voted in favour of both the pit bull ban and the smoking ban, and since John Tory said in the article that we need to get rid of light bulbs to reduce our dependence on coal fired plants, something tells me he's on board with that Liberal legislation, too.

Oh, and in case you're curious, I haven't had any shots - I'm just this good.