Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Big Picture

My dad is always going on about The Big Picture.

It's important to have an ultimate goal or end result that you are looking towards, but at the same time I think all "big picture" talk needs to be taken with a grain of salt. After all, there really isn't a The Big Picture - it's different for everyone, and for that reason no picture can't be all that big at the end of the day.

I would hope that, for most Conservative supporters, provincially and federally, their big picture (politically) includes more than simply power for the Conservatives and political exile for the Liberals - we need to be working for more ethical, less intrusive, less expensive, more accountable and efficient government.

With some of the decisions that have been made recently, though, I worry that power for power's sake has become important for too many Conservative supporters.

While I appreciate the importance of forming a majority government if we want to institute any kind of sweeping changes to Canada, when I see people defending something as ridiculous as attacking banks for charging ATM fees or banning smoking, or defending a Conservative MP(P) when they behave improperly all because "we need the votes," I really worry about what some Tories are willing to accept in the name of power.

My big picture is to have a better Canada. There are a lot of improvements that need to be made in our country, and I think Canadians know it. That's why we need to be more than just Not The Liberals™.

Let's support real change in Canada by demanding the behaviour we want in our government from our party. This is something that, if we always keep it in mind and act accordingly as we move forward, I think Canadians will respect, and that's good for everybody.


Stephen Taylor said...

hear hear!

BBS said...

"Let's support real change in Canada by demanding the behaviour we want in our government from our party. This is something that, if we always keep it in mind and act accordingly as we move forward, I think Canadians will respect, and that's good for everybody."

You should print that on tshirts and sell before the next convention! :)

mostlyfree said...

A little long for a catch phrase, unfortunately. Maybe I can think of a shorter version. ;)

Gerry Nicholls said...

The irony is, Conservatives can win elections by sticking to principles -- Ronald Reagan did, Margaret Thatcher did and so did Mike Harris.

It's a lesson federal Tories never seem to learn.

zolton said...

Like hugo chavez if Harper gets his majority he will desintigrate Canada, into something the resembles the united states. I doubt you're father has the big picture in mind he may have a picture but one individual cannot give an accurate representation of reality(especially if you use old mentalities) It would take 1000 scholars 100 years to determine what the BIG picture is. lol
The only way people can become conservative these days is if their born into ignorance or drafted into fascistic organizations(New age spirituality that gets its imputs from politics not god)
I know this sounds a little harsh but its my truth.
Oh gerry thatcher and reagan were belivers in hayak and Burke, but both of those philosiphers near the end of their lives saw the validity in socialism. As did JSM etc...
Conservatives do have valid idea's but validating a brutal economic system that is destroying the planet/My god/ the human species is stupid at best.

zolton said...

In addition, you started to see how the grassroots of the conservtive party do not have the power to force policy on the party.
The income trust debacle is a prime example. Stealing 30 billion dollars of canadian wealth from trust funds, to give more power to corpratists.
The funding and the idology from this new party come from the United states, the grassroots are diabled to do anything about it except get fooled.

Need proof look at the site half of the comentator arn't even canadian lol
Look at webpages such as barking- where they promote hatred toward muslims and gays. Is this what you want to support?
Look at the webpage untill you find a muslim school with graffit all over it. I politically and philisopically molested them, their only legitamite retort was that I was a bad speller. They then banned me from the server and my computer was hacked to shite.
But you keep beliving you have reason on you're side, just not the arguments to prove it eh?
American cultural imputs and the false reality of mainstream media lie to you for profits.These false imputs determine for you you're individuality. They use you're primal emotions to distort you're reasoning faculties. They use stong emotional conections to things like god to indoctrinate ou into their politics. Why all of the deception? if reason is on you're side.
It aint sister!

Look up Leo strauss the mastermind behind the philosiphy of deception. People like Paul wolfawitz Karl Rove and our own Jason Kenney are follower of this philosiphy.

mostlyfree said...


I am tempted to ban you, not because you disagree with me, but because you are downright insulting to the people you disagree with.

Reign it in or future comments will be deleted.

zolton said...

Message recived im just a little to extreame. Im sorry if I insulted you or you're father im sure you're both smart people with big hearts, no doubt in my mind. But for me id rather be in a persons face so that they have the option to disagree and enlighten me.
Unlike the opposite where people who are manipulative can persuade you to think their line of thought withouht even telling you what it is they belive in.
I practice the the way of the coercer to be such an ass that the reasons behind my words overide our emotional connections, while creatig an atmosphere of debate, not domination.
I really am passionate for canada and canadian values I just think that the talk of the conservative party does not follow their walk.
If Harper gets his majority he will disintigrate canada and canadian values the liberals did it, and these new conservatives will do it even faster.

BBS said...

"The only way people can become conservative these days is if their born into ignorance or drafted into fascistic organizations"

Gee, that's one that I haven't heard in a while, Conservatives are either ignorant or fascist.

Gerry's got the right idea. Shame a few more people can't catch on.

notloz said...

bbs the point I was tring to make is that there are right wing religious institutions that promote political idelogy before true spirituality. These hegmonic forces stem from poltics not religon. That is wrong and fasistic.(exspecially if you throw God and Faith into the mix) Why would the right need to cater and promote these groups if they had legitimate reasons or arguments to promote their ideology/social archiecture. The Republicans in the states and the New conservative party of Canada and heck even the liberals cater to corporate insterest before they cater to canadain will/democracy. Why dont our federal mp debate and about establish a more democratic political system like proportinal representation?(The big money keep getting them re-eleceted) These parties are the will of the ellite and of the ruthless industry. Thats why politicians lie. There are however good politicians in all political parties that do have principaled belifs and really do belive in Canada.
But again the income trust debacle points to the fact that Harper wants to promote corpratism rather then the common interests of the average canadian.
The Americans sold their country away to the chineese, well not the people their buisness first goverments did.
This is a great test to see what you're political belifs are.
post you're quadrent it will be a fun exersize.
im -8.00 left right and -6.31 in the libertarian/authoritarian
Im more left wing then the Dali Lama and more libertarian then Nelson Mandela lol thats hillarious!