Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bill C-257

Bill C-257 is, essentially, anti-scab legislation. It would make it illegal for replacement workers to be hired for federally regulated industries, and for union members to cross picket lines to work.

In Windsor we are starting to see what prevalent, militant and long-term unionization does to an economy with massive job cuts announced by Daimler-Chrysler yesterday affecting a large percentage of Windsor workers.

The Windsor Star reported today that two NDP Windsor MPs support "fair" trade solutions (not surprising), while Jeff Watson, the Conservative MP for Essex, (not answering his phone after the biggest economic hit this region has taken in a decade - if not my lifetime. Classy.) issued a press release saying that the solution is a more competitive auto industry. This seems to make sense, but Watson is a supporter of Bill C-257, which will make our federally regulated industries FAR less competitive and constitutes a step in completely the wrong direction - if the province were to follow in the footsteps of federal MPs who passed this legislation it would be disastrous.

If we want competitive industry in Canada, we need to let industry be competitive - not make exceptions to help union workers at the expense of the rest of Canadians. It is extremely disheartening that any Conservative MP would support this bill.

From what I've heard, this vote is set to take place in the fall. Definitely an issue that warrants a phone call or email to your MP to urge them to oppose it in the House.

(Image courtesy of the National Citizens' Coalition, who is currently running a campaign to lobby the government to oppose Bill C-257, which you can support by going here.)

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