Friday, February 09, 2007

Climate Change Cancelled

Agree or disagree, but this video (and its four sequels) raise very interesting points regarding climate change, and sharing it relieves some of the frustration I feel when people try to tell me there is no scientific opposition to global warming.


Sara said...

Would you mind blogging about income splitting today for our blogburst. Let me know please.

notloz said...

This disinformation is bunk, contact Danny Blair at the university of Winnipeg if you would like some REAL information on climate change.
Im not to sure of the figure but the new conservative government of Canada has cut climate research by 30 million? 300 million? dollars. But now were supposed to believe that Harper has warmed up to global warming. LOL
Most of the grassroots this web page included, counter scientific knowledge with rhetoric that belongs in the flat earth society. It's no surprise that no one had a legitimate comment to validate or forward this bunk science, seems that most Canadians are smarter then that.

mostlyfree said...


I'm in favour of broad-based tax relief rather than targeted tax cuts, which I see as a thinly veiled attempt at social engineering - so I'm not sure you'd want me in your blogburst.


If someone has some actual scientific opposition to what was shown in that video I'd be interested in listening, but all anyone ever has to say in opposition is that climate change skeptics are part of the "flat earth society," or something equally emotionally charged and scientifically meaningless.

If scientists hundreds of years ago had taken the same approach to science as Kyoto fanatics are today, we would still think that the earth was flat, because we never would have considered a minority viewpoint.

It is exactly this mindset and lack of real debate that leaves me skeptical to the science behind the idea of human-induced climate change.

notloz said...

goto google and type in flying eggplant or cactus chicken and you will find a picture or a short story about these mythical creatures. This is true disinformation, you can find information about anything. There are political and religious organizations out there that promote bad science.
In addition, most cultures never believed the earth was flat it was interpreted at spherical in design from as early as the Babylonians, that is urban myth in itself.

mostlyfree said...

And you still haven't presented any scientific refutation of the claims made in the video. If these things are so obviously false, why can't you send me a website that uses data to counter them?

zolton said...

Because you're a smart individual and can find this information on the internet/library/universities yourself. Why would you steadfast believe in this disinformation on you're web page?
I could send you a cornucopia of information on climate change. But I don't think that would matter too much if you're perspective is this narrow

mostlyfree said...


Thanks for proving my point.

zolton said...

This must be some type of cruel joke.
First of all You didn't prove anything. You proved my assumptions correct, that you accept information prima-facia from you're political camp and ignore information from you're opposition And also refuse to search for something that disagrees with this pathetic video.
That is not logical.
Second of all, no one responded to this blog post because this video was too much of a throwback even for the party of throwbacks.
Even the political party you support have acknowledged the environment and global warming as a reality.

The most hypocritical thing is you're use of rhetoric
"liberty is good" "I am the voice of reason"
You are NEITHER, You cannot think outside of the economic box, that is not the application of liberty or reason.
I believe that reason should counter our passions and desires. The capitalistic economic super structure is about one man's greed/passion in the application of individual human perseverance. This system does not acknowledge the environment or individuals at the bottom of the system or mankind itself. Yet validating that is a Reasoned response?
Its obvious that you also have close emotional connections to you're parents. Their philosophical and political beliefs were unfortunately dictated to you as a part of you're individuality. Instead of you the individual searching for those answers yourself.
look up sheeple on wikipedia

You never did respond about you're political compass co-ordinates.
I can only assume that you like most Canadians ended up on the LEFT side of that spectrum.
Yet why are these Canadians, political parties and forms of media talking as if they were the most righting authoritarians.
Its easy to manipulate the emotional connectiveness in media to counter true reason. First they make me you're enemy, they pump you up with hatred against communism or some other stigmatic separation of ideology, so that when I try to coerce you it falls of deaf ears. Second fear is used to promote a feeling of isolation and help further develop an US vs Them mentality. Yet the other side of you're opposition be it "gays, Muslims, LEFT WINGERS aren't the ones propagating this distinction. You're side is antagonizing these differences for political brainwash gain to try to validate the ownership of most of the worlds capital in the hands of the ruthless.