Monday, February 26, 2007

more on bans and scientists

Here is a great article on why we don't need a light bulb ban.

At least someone out there sees the light.

Vaguely related - if you haven't seen it, this article on David Suzuki's little freak-out on the radio a few weeks ago is worth a read. A favourite excerpt of mine:

Suzuki's very public censure of Oakley for his perceived blasphemy is disquieting because it smacks of the totalitarian impulse to silence and humiliate the dissenter --or even, as in this case, the dissenter's messenger.

I'm sure the comparison of David Suzuki's expertise on climate change to Michael Crichton's is causing many more little freak-outs, even though Suzuki is actually a geneticist, so I'm not sure how his independent research is significantly superior to anyone else's - especially Crichton's, which is apparently surprisingly noteworthy. Who knew?

(h/t for both: Wolfvillewatch)

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