Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's not just about the budget.

I mean, sure. A lot of it is about the budget, and, you know, the fact it didn't make any steps in the right direction that even required balancing to win support of the freaking Bloc.

But what's far more upsetting is the way that we have been told after every announcement that's reeked of socialism or pandering to special interests, we're asked to "just wait for the budget" and then we'll have something we can stand behind. Instead, the budget was the most disappointing piece of legislation put forward thus far by the Conservative government, and less than an hour after it was announced, the spin became "just wait for the next budget."

Look, I understand that we're in a minority parliament, but nothing? I mean, sure the fiscal imbalance needs solving, but the solution we implemented is just more old-fashioned socialist centralized redistribution of wealth.

I "waited for the budget," and all I got was bigger government and social engineering. How many principled tories aren't going to follow the carrot all the way through to next budget? How can we really believe it's a carrot we'll ever be allowed to reach?

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