Monday, March 19, 2007

what the expletive.

So after hearing about the socialist spend-a-thon we're apparently going on for the next year and then let the boyfriend yell in my ear for fifteen minutes about how much we suck, I decided to do what I normally do when we suck and call my favourite spinner so that he can at least tell me why it's not so bad and now we can win and get a majority and cut taxes and spending... but he really didn't have anything either, other than saying he was glad to get the "hey look I have kids, give me money" money. [Edit: he's come up with some good stuff to say now, just to be fair... but I disagree with all of it too strongly to be swayed.]

There were a few almost good things, like cutting subsidies to the oil sands, but why can't they be coupled with corporate tax cuts to go along with it? And where the fuck is my broad-based income tax cut?? Targeted tax credits are just handouts with a Conservative name.

And seriously, the candidate we've been talking to is a blue liberal, not an orange one. How are we supposed to recruit like this?

I'm not a conservative and I haven't called myself one for a long, long time. Tax cuts and spending reductions are all I want from the Conservative Party! What the hell, Jim?

Rant, rant, rant, rant, rant!

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