Thursday, April 05, 2007


I was extremely disappointed yesterday to learn of the National Citizens' Coalition parting ways with Gerry Nicholls. It's a loss for the NCC, and after comments like this, I'm seriously reconsidering my membership:

(from the Toronto Star...)

Coleman at first characterized Nicholls' departure as voluntary, saying the NCC was going in a "different direction," and "Gerry wants to move on and do other things, so that's what he's going to be doing."

But Coleman then said: "It was a decision that he was going to move on, I'm not going to get into any details as far as that."

and in the Globe...

"Gerry's decided that he wants to move on to do different things," said Peter Coleman, the organization's president, who will take over many of Mr. Nicholls's (sic) communications tasks.

But Mr. Nicholls, who was at the NCC for 22 years, takes a different view. "They fired me. I didn't decide to leave and go on to something else. If I did, I would have a job right now," he said.

Either way, I know spin when I see it... and let's face it - you really don't need spin when you're doing something decent. I like Gerry and agree with a lot of his philosophy; regardless of the terms of his departure, the fact that he and the NCC aren't seeing eye-to-eye worries me.

After the election of Harper's government in 2006 the NCC changed a lot of its messaging. The organization's slogan went from "More freedom through less government" to "More freedom through better government," (though it's changed back now... I wonder if it will stay that way after Gerry's departure?) and criticisms of Harper were tame when they did exist.

It was only since the party has veered severely off the tracks that Gerry has started speaking out as strongly as I like to see the NCC speaking out against bad moves by the government... and now he's been cut loose.

I have a hard time believing the two aren't related. Of course, Gerry can't talk about it, but I smell something. Check your shoes, folks...


P. M. Jaworski said...

Yup, Janet, you nailed it. I, too, am cancelling my NCC membership.

I've sent Gerry an email encouraging him to consider doing more full-time column writing for the Sun or the Post or (wouldn't it be amazing?) the Star. But I'm guessing he likes to be out there doing things for liberty, not just cooped up in his home penning missives and firing them across the bough of big gov.

I hope some organization has their wits about them. This is a rare opportunity for some group to snatch up a talented and principled man.

Janet said...

Peter, I haven't cancelled my membership yet - I'm going to see how things play out over the next few days... but they're earning it now, not losing it.