Saturday, April 28, 2007

the price of human life

One of the comments on the previous post indignantly pointed out that "If we were to privatize health care for example then the value of someone's life is quantified into a fiscal number!"

Apart from the fact that I'm not sure how people who make this argument think health care is currently paid for (Marshmallow bunnies? Rainbow wishes?), and the fact that we have already established that there is a price we are willing to pay for a human life, whether or not we have given it a specific number (we don't preserve human life at all costs, but accept the fact that it might be lost as a cost... my dad likes to point out that the speed limit is an excellent example of this), but there's a much bigger problem with the argument.

There will always be a price for medical care, whether under a private, two-tiered or socialized system. What I've never figured out is how socialists think that allowing doctors to make a profit is worse or even comparable to the government doing exactly what they're worried about - quantifying human lives as a fiscal number, and further, setting a maximum value for the value of lives.

Our system does this in a way no two-tiered or fully privatized system could because in order to ensure that they stay "on budget," government has to decide which drugs, procedures, tests, etc. we will be allowed to have. This is a purely fiscal concern and has absolutely nothing to do with saving human life.

So, sure, someone might be paying some absolutely insane amount of money for drugs in the states. Someone might lose everything they have to get some cutting-edge treatment. But when they expend that cost, it might be saving their life. At least there isn't some overarching socialist structure telling them that they're not entitled to this life-saving drug or procedure because it costs the system too much money. Whether or not society should be helping to cover these costs is a completely separate issue to privatizing health care delivery.

Luckily for those who can afford it, money and connections can help you escape the price cap the Canadian government has put on human life... but for the less well-off in society - the ones the system is supposed to help (and, to be fair, does help with less catastrophic situations) are trapped with a government-set price cap on their lives because of the socialized nature of the entire system.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: if all we want is to ensure that every Canadian has adequate health care coverage, then there's no reason for any more government involvement than health insurance subsidies. For Canadians it would certainly be a step in the right direction.


Spitfire said...

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zolton said...

Yes, but the function of government is to act in the interest of the public. (Democracy)
*no doubt it could be better*

However, the function of an individual within the capitalistic economic super structure is to be competitive or better yet ruthless.
Rational self preservation is assured but species preservation is ignored. If you value you're own individual existence more then the continuation of the awesome application of existence then you don't really value it at all.

I'm not an ideological communist that follows the ism's more then rational knowledge.

For instance capitalism has brought peace between countries interconnected and other positive applications. However it does have DIRE deficiencies. To attempt to validate this system shows to me, (if you continue to attempt to validate it) that you are not so much a rational individual as much a product of an economic system.

Capitalism does not recognize the environment, it competes "cough" I mean exploits anything to achieve the aims of the individual harnessing or being harnessed by the system.
Simple question
What happens when you die?
Do people think life is a game?
no one wins in the end!
We live in the garden of eden, people just gotta start looking from the bottom up instead from the top down.
Happiness is not the satisfaction of chemical desires. We can be smarter then that with knowledge alone.
Happiness to me is knowing when im on my death bed that the human species will stop acing like a bunch of monkeys and become stewards not abusers of the planet that gives us this AWESOME application of consciousness.

Doctors that make a more bloated profit will first service the rich, fracturing the quality health care service into 2 levels. Making the health care system more costly for doctors earn way more money!
I'M not sure whats better dieing or being enslaved the rest of your life just so you can keep that life of bondage. Lame argument

"Luckily for those who can afford it, money and connections can help you escape the price cap the Canadian government has put on human life"
OK i don't know if you have any factual evidence on this or if this is conservative hearsay to anger the masses?.

Yes the conservatives have to cater to religious and media fascism to garner support!
NO real arguments just A PASSIONATE expression of bullshit. more a product of a system rather then a rational individual.

Janet said...

Dude, get a blog.