Thursday, April 05, 2007


I certainly hope my tax dollars aren't going to pay whoever has been changing Jeff Watson's Wikipedia entry from a House of Commons IP address to try to cover up the fact that he had a volunteer charged criminally on charges so frivilous that a judge threw them out (without any witnesses from the defence) on the basis of being politically motivated... and had witnesses at his house two days before the trial to "go over time lines" and their testimony.

(For more info, check out any of the articles referenced on the Wikipedia page.)

If you don't want the world talking or writing about what you've done, then you probably shouldn't do it in the first place. If Mr. Watson doesn't want things like this on the internet or in the news, I suggest he begin by commissioning the construction of a time machine.

I wonder how this fits in with the teachings of Jesus Christ that Watson tries to emulate by keeping a white washbasin in his office? (In memory of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples - see the letter to the editor he's posted on his website... until he pulls it down.)

I'm just sayin'.

As a side note: Yes! As a matter of fact I have read the court transcripts, so I do know what I'm talking about. I strongly suggest that if you are going to accuse me of being wrong that you first read the transcripts yourself.

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