Monday, April 02, 2007

unusually wise words from a rather extreme animal rights activist.

I have to read Tom Regan for my contemporary moral issues class. While I completely disagree with the extent to which he wants to extend natural and legal rights to animals, he gets a few things right. For instance:

You don't change unjust institutions by tidying them up.
- Tom Regan

So think about that next time you're talking about the Conservative sponsorship program vs. the Liberal sponsorship program. Or the Conservative condonation of the government's involvement in child care vs. the Liberal version. Or Conservative funding of "women's groups," "heritage sports," child care or seniors' tax benefits when compared to Liberal targeted spending.

The fact that spending is introduced by the Liberals instead of the Conservatives does not make it inherently bad - there is something fundamentally wrong with these programs that has nothing to do with to whom they're targeted or by which party they're implemented.

The fact that we're aiming for the right rather than the left doesn't change the fact that we're shooting the country in the foot.


UpMyKilt said...

Tom Regan? Have to read Singer as well?

I've got a book for you! "Hook, Line & Thinker" by Alexander Schwab. Send me an email - ian @ if you are interested. I think I have the only copies available in Canada.

Janet said...

I do have to read Singer as well - but I'm not a fan.