Wednesday, May 30, 2007


OK, I don't care what political party you support, this is hilarious.


zolton said...

Leo Strauss wrote the the philosophy of deception.
What you get is a sarcastic interpretation of "Plato's Republic" which speaks of truth and justice.
Hmm, viewing truth and justice in a sarcastic manner!
But why?
Who are followers of this manifesto?
Dick Cheney, Paul Horowitz...
Jason Kenney is attempting too.
They know that there is NO REASON to justify our hedonistic kamikaze course.
These people are not smart or honorable, their just seat fillers to something cold and mechanical.

Unfortunately a system we created now has mankind by the balls, we need to start using our heads to get out of this trap.
Examples of A system controlling our identity (religion, monarchies)

More ideological and philosophical connections,12271,1312540,00.html

Yep thats right, Prescott Bush was a Nazi fund raiser and sympathizer.

Why do conservatives have to cater to religious/media fascism?
Why can't you guys debate me?
Why do they have to manipulate emotional condition rather then convince someone with a reasoned argument?
Why did Steven Harpers electoral platform sound more like a NDP electoral platform?

Get it yet?

Conservatives do not have REASON on their side.
They have to do underhanded things to garner support.
Like use fear and anger on the population to get elected. Conservative sare the ones who drew the line in the sand!
Look at your counterparts to the south of us!
They are afraid and HATE Muslims, liberals, left wingers. They talk of racism while thinking themselves righteous.
But again they do not know what they speak, they are angry and afraid because right wing political pundits tell them to be!
Fear and anger is not reality, just a method to control and dominate the minds of the ... innocent? Ignorant?
I dunno I have to find out!

NB taxpayer said...

Ha! Ha! Not bad.

Kerry said...

I want to believe he's going to take that wig off when he gets a majority, I really do.

Cranky or Just A Crank said...

Not bad, but still devoid of any real meat - just a couple of shots at the lineage of the CPC and the belief that the Tories stole Liberal policies.

The CPC ads are stilll short on substance about what they want to do, but at least there is a point - Dion is a putz and we'd be in even deeper trouble if he were running the show.

For real political advertising, here's an old favourite from 2000:

Cranky or Just A Crank said...

Here's the full link

zolton said...

Yeah and soon as I can catch you guys up the sooner we can talk about the real crazy hippie trippy crap!

Steve said...

Zolton must have this huge (but secret) crush on your sexy photo, Janet.

Janet said...

Well that would be one explanation.

zolton said...

Only if the insides were a little bit more pretty.
No offence