Wednesday, May 09, 2007

more on plastic bag use reduction

The Liberals are saying that biodegradable bags aren't a long-term solution to plastic bag use reduction, as they create greenhouse gases when they decompose.

Unfortunately, they don't get into the fact that recycling plastic is not an efficient process - more resources (including evil, greenhouse gas producing energy) are used to recycle the plastic than would go into just creating new plastic... and since there are reduced incentives to come up with a more environmentally friendly recycling method since the government is overpaying recycling companies for what we're currently using, I don't see that changing any time soon.

Sure, you'll use less resources when you re-use your recycled bag 50 times, but I'm just saying... if I can't use the kinds of lightbulbs I want, I don't see how energy-inefficient recylcing processes are getting a pass.


Raphael Alexander said...

I'm not an environmentalist nut by any stretch of the imagination, but I have many large and sturdy canvas bags I take to the grocery store which fits all of my purchases conveniently into five easy portions. It only takes one short trip to buy the bags, and then one need not ever worry about plastic bags again.

Janet said...

I love my reusable bag from Zehrs (which would be Loblaws in most places, I think). Now that I don't have to use them, I think of plastic bags as kind of a nuisance.