Tuesday, May 22, 2007

So much for grassroots democracy.

If Rob Anders is the guy for Calgary West, why not just let him fight a nomination race?

I would say that Anders must know some dirty secret about someone important for them to be protecting him like this, but they've made it pretty clear that they're willing to protect any and all Conservative MPs, no matter what they've done. In fact, I hear you can commit a crime (or several!) and still end up front-and-center with the PM during question period.
But I digress...

It would have been more honest for Harper to just rule out nomination races for his MPs as he did between 2004 and 2006 than to carry on this charade of honesty and accountability in how we run the Party.

Maybe the CPC should have gone for an election this spring. The longer we wait the more it seems that accountability, transparency and grassroots representation were just buzzwords to this government. (Kind of like "lower taxes!" Well, the "lower" part, anyway.)


Dylan said...

Anders is cancer in parliament and I would love nothing more than to see that smarmy prick get kicked out of his party's riding nomination. However, Harper has stated (on more than one occasion) that Anders is a "model conservative" despite his hard-right ideology and misrepresentation.

My guess is as good as yours why Anders doesn't face a fair nomination.

Ardvark said...

Did anyone notice how the Liberals are being very quiet about this little issue? Could it be because they are hoping the CPC wins this battle?

The courts should NEVER be allowed to determine who or even how a party chooses it's candidates.

It would be a very dangerous precedent.


BBS said...

The "nomination" of MPs was a sham. I would've preferred they simply protect their nominations as they did for the last election rather than engage in this dog and pony show. At least when protecting the nominations they were upfront about it.

Even worse has been watching the National Council become nothing more than an irrelevant rubber stamp. They represent the membership about as well as these guys.

Janet said...

dylan -
My guess as to why Anders doesn't face a fair nomination is that if he were to lose he would likely run as an independent, possibly splitting the vote and allowing a Liberal to win the seat. So in a bizarre Catch-22 members are expected to do what's best for the party (keeping the seat, in their view) by supporting someone who wouldn't do what's best for the party if he wasn't nominated.

ardvark -
While I don't think the courts have any place enforcing internal party rules, I can't help but feel that the party got their just desserts on this one. Like I've said, if you don't want to follow your own nomination rules, just protect your MPs from nomination races and be honest about it.