Thursday, May 03, 2007


I just receieved the following email from the National Citizens' Coalition:

What a waste of time and money!

This article, penned by Geoff Matthews in today’s Toronto Star, paints a colourful picture of how our well paid federal politicians have chosen to represent us in Ottawa.

Instead of address issue like the inefficiency of our countries crime labs, sky rocketing gas prices, or the lack of doctors in Canada – Our federal representatives are taking on Hockey Canada, and their decision to name Shane Doan as the national team captain.

That’s right, they are ignoring issues that affect the everyday lives of Canadian’s to question whether or not Mr. Doan referred to another NHL player in an explicit manner – a reference that "disrespects francophones."

What a complete and utter waste of our hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

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Um... OK. Ignoring the absolutely horrendous spelling and grammar (and the fact that the article isn't in the Toronto Star, but the Toronto Sun)... "sky rocketing gas prices??"

The government has absolutely no business interfering with private enterprise - including the prices set at gas stations. "More freedom through less government" is your motto, guys, not "more convenience through your tax dollars!"

Yes, of course it's a waste of time to have politicians meddling with hockey, but I am still waiting for some sort of opinion on the government's environment plan to come from them.

Or maybe the NCC will be giving the government a free pass on issues of substance in the name of a Stephen Harper majority and only attacking the fluff. So much for the principled watchdog of Canadian public policy.

Of course politicians and political parties have to be pragmatic, but this is simply not the case with groups like the NCC - they are NOT a Conservative Party organiziation. Their job is to lobby the government for the best policy regardless of the situation politicians find themselves in. (Or the politicians in power!)

What a waste of my hard-earned donations to the NCC.


P. M. Jaworski said...

What's happening to the NCC? Why are they busy writing up a pile of nonsense?

A mouthpiece for Harper? Seems like it.

Janet said...

It certainly does. How sad. I left a comment on the NCC blog telling them to get back on track.

R. Tame said...

It begs the question: who is truly in command of the directive over at the NCC? Coleman praising Buzz's talking points on the environment? That is quite an about face, now isn't it?.

Janet said...

The NCC is praising anything the Harper government does, whether or not it's good for Canada. It's very, very sad.

zolton said...

And thats why I love this blog!