Friday, June 22, 2007

worth mentioning

"Ken," in my comments, made an amusing observation worthy of its own post.

If the Conservative Party of Canada is supporting families with "targeted tax cuts," then the Liberal Party of Canada was fantastic for doing the same for businesses.

(h/t to The Natural Society for the corporate welfare link.)

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zolton said...

Hmm... Why would the Liberals give tax breaks for business's after mullrouney made Canada a second world country?
I wonder if it was the 30 billion dollar deficits to appease our masters to the south because of Nafta?
Arn't farmers earning almost 2 thirds less because of NAfta?\
I wouldn't call a GST tax break of 1 percent A major tax savings for individuals. What 15 dollars for you and me but billions for walmart? Not to forget to mention that income tax has gone up on pay in Canada after that AWESOME 1% GST reduction.

Just because they SAY that they are doing something doesn't mean the conservatives are.
There cleaning up the enviroment (lol)
Is their a flu going around?
The Liberal Foot in Mouth disease has seems to have spread to the conservatives.