Tuesday, July 31, 2007

choice and health care

The Calvinball Diaries writes the following on the CMA's support for a parallel private system:
The goal of all Canadian governments should be to see that everyone has access to health care; this can be achieved by paying for the care of those who can't afford it. Owning hospitals, employing doctors and nurses, banning health insurance and preventing doctors from working both publicly and privately are all measures that are not only unrelated to this goal, they seem to be preventing us from reaching it.
And he's right - if the goal of Canada's governments is to ensure that all Canadians have health care, all that is needed is a subsidy of health insurance premiums - not government-owned-and-run hospitals, not public-only health clinics and diagnostics, not even a specific government plan like medicare - simply a set of rules that the subscriber would have to adhere to to get government coverage, or a maximum that the government is willing to pay for the premium.

If you couldn't afford to pay for health care at all, the government would pay your premium. If you can prove that you can only afford to pay it in part, the government would top it up so that you could recieve what is considered the minimum amount of care acceptable, or (more likely in Canada) the government could simply pay enough to cover the basic premium for everyone and then people could be free to invest in health insurance for themselves and their families above and beyond what is covered by their government.

If the goal of the Canadian government with respect to health care is to ensure that all Canadians have equal access to care, this is all that is required of them.

"Canada's New Government" should be all over this one - they could call it the "Canadian Health Care tax credit," and we could all pretend that they're being fiscally conservative! Sounds like a blast.


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