Monday, August 13, 2007

Countdowns, baby!

There's doins a-happenin'!

In a mere 3.5 days, Major Maker, the band responsible for that awesomely catchy "Rollercoaster" song in the Maynard's candy ad, and the equally catchy tune "Talk to You" in the adorable new Telus commercial, will be launching their tour in Waterloo at the Starlight.
Who'll be there?
Yours truly, that's who!
Plus lots of freedom-and-music-loving (or just music-loving) folks interested in a good time. Come on out.

Only a day and a half later will be this year's...

Liberty Summer Seminar!

This is the best libertarian event all year, folks - and I'll be there, too.
Jealous? Register and come along! Click on the image for more info and to register.

Finally, after the seminar's completion on Sunday afternoon, we'll be launching the

2007 Crash Across America!

For the crash, we'll be driving from one capitol to another - Ottawa to Washington, DC. We'll be stamping out statism, meeting some awesome people and spreading freedom across both our lands. Stay tuned for video and blog updates from the road!

In the meantime, it's 3 more days of all 3 jobs. Drats!

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