Thursday, August 23, 2007

SPP Protest

Crash Across America meets SPP protestors. Fight!


zolton said...

Don't you think it's downright pathetic that you cannot debate these people face to face. You can only rebuke their arguments after you sat in a dark basement receiving orders from headquarters.
I dub thee jokes of life!

zolton said...

Yes lets let the consumer decide for themselves. When are we gonna inform them what how and where the products they buy come from? Uh Duh!
They wouldn't buy if they knew the blood behind their products.

Yeah I don't the problem by rushing to the lowest common denominator. For a business to be success full you have to emulate the practices of the dominating hegemon.
So in essence you have to compete with Walmart in order to have a sustainable buisness. You havce to look at the individual and the enviroment as a resource to exploit, for you're short term material gain.
Isn't there something missing here like morals or intelligence or an empathetic connection to those individuals?
Yeah I see no problem paying 98% of the world the lowest possible while the other 2%(who will never be happy BTW) live in their ivory towers looking down at everything below them.
At least I'm giving you the option to debate back and forth with me, instead of acting like a little fascist, countering the idea's of people after getting instruction on how to attempt to argue the opposite.
You have shown you're true colors and they yellow. Stand up for Canada and stop selling out this beautiful nation!
You have to be you have no REASONS for doing what you're doing!

zolton said...

Who has the dictating hegemonic force business or government?

true liberal said...

Zolton, your arguments are devoid of any logic, evidence, or direction for that matter. It boils down to a bunch of one-liner giberrish cumulating in nothing more than an ad hominem attack against those whose ideas you don't understand. To call what you write "debate" is to give you too much credit.

You also seem to think that our pro-capitalist arguments are nothing more than platitudes from Fox News. But you're wrong. I bet you the Bureaucrash team has read and understands Marx better than you do. Do us a favour, at least explore the pro-market position, maybe by taking some economics courses, and then start debating. You're worse than Michael Moore.