Wednesday, September 12, 2007

cities pay farmers!

Am I the only person who is going to absolutely lose it the next time I see one of these signs?
The signs are, I'm assuming, supposed to remind us how lucky we are to have farmers, who produce our food.

Well, first of all, I don't depend on the benevolence of farmers to provide me with food - nor do they expect me to. They want cold, hard cash as compensation for the service they provide... but they don't stop there.

Canadians more than pay for our farmers. We pay for their produce, we pay to subsidize them, we pay more for their goods because of supply control, and there is a moral cost that we pay when we increase the cost of milk and eggs for our poorest citizens, when we perpetuate the use of large tracts of land that could be reclaimed by forest cover as inefficient farm land, when we flood poor economies with our subsidized food products, putting their farmers out of business and perpetuating starvation and poverty in the third world.
(Even the Make Poverty History crowd figured that one out.)

So stop trying to remind me how lucky I am to pay for all you do time and time again so that you can keep working in an industry that would go under without my financial support. Stop reacting with indignation because we might not want to give up even more of our money or sacrifice more of the most vulnerable to perpetuate this insanity. At the very, very least, there should be signs thanking the taxpayers of Canada for making all these sacrifices, rather than trying to send them on some messed up guilt trip.

Maybe the rest of us should start our own campaign. "Cities pay farmers!" Would probably be the least offensive. I'd buy that t-shirt.


NB taxpayer said...

So true. However, trying to fight the farm lobby in the US was harder than bringing down the Berlin wall for Ronald Reagan. Too bad, because the industry would be a lot better off (and more competitive) had it being privatized.

Ken said...

Support Farmers - Eat Food