Saturday, September 29, 2007

credit where credit's due.

I have to echo the thoughts of ALW when he says that he has gained a lot of respect for John Tory, personally, during this campaign.

I suspect that the only things that John Tory and I would agree on policy-wise are the things that everyone can agree on - waste in government is bad, lying politicians are bad, etc... but before this election I would not have pinned him as someone who would stick to his guns in the face of disapproval from the electorate, and he's done just that with his proposal to extend funding to all religious schools.

Personally, I think it's bizarre that he chose to advocate opening up education funding based on religion and not just move straight to a voucher system, but it's obviously more moral and intellectually honest that funding only Catholic schools outside of the public system, and he has stuck by the policy and defended it, and he deserves respect for that.

Politically, though, the PC campaign has been a disaster. Other than a few very hard-working organizers, there's no overall organization to speak of and their message is scattered at best, non-existent at worst. While Tory has proven himself when it comes to sticking by something on principle, he definitely needs to replace what I expect are a group of yes-men and put some real organization around himself if he ever wants to be Premier of this province.

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cheesechoker said...

I was really disappointed that the Freedom Party of Ontario isn't running a candidate in my riding.