Wednesday, September 05, 2007

hypocrisy, thy name is...

Conservative Party spokespeople are claiming that the transfer of funds from the national party to smaller, poorly funded campaigns to increase national advertising through the local level is an issue of freedom of speech:
Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre says it boils down to the right of candidates to spend money as they see fit.
Oh, well that's fantastic! Candidates have the right to spend money as they see fit during an election, but individual Canadians or third party groups? Well that would just be silly. Heck, the Conservative government outright banned corporate donations, completely ignoring corporations' freedoms of speech and association.

But when the people passing all these laws actually have to obey them? Well, that's an infringement of their freedom! And we can't have that.

I felt a lot better about the rampant destruction of free speech in this country before I knew that a few politicians - the ones in government no less - understood that it includes the right to spend your money to promote a certain message.



Admin said...

"Heck, the Conservative government outright banned corporate donations, completely ignoring corporations' freedoms of speech and association. "

Please stop spreading lies about Canada's New Government.

It was Jean Chretien, in a move very publicly denounced by Liberal president Stephen LeDrew as "dumb as a bag of hammers", who banned corporate donations. Look it up.

On that note: there have been a number of high profile freedom of speech issues such as Free Dominion's human rights complaint and bloggers getting sued under Canada's absurd libel laws. If you genuinely cared about freedom of speech and weren't such a poseur you'd be writing posts denouncing out putrid human rights courts, shameless political correctness, and SLAPP lawsuits.

I hate to break it to you but you are a capital-l Liberal, as evidenced by this tear-jerker:

"I felt a lot better about the rampant destruction of free speech in this country"

Drama queen, please. Time to embrace your true nature and join the Liberal party of Canada, if you're not already a member.

BBS said...

I'm actually tempted to respond to your litany of incorrect statements, but I'd rather wait and watch the show as Janet tears you a new one - based on facts. It'll be far more entertaining. "capital L poseur" LMAO. My friend, if you only had half a clue! Drama queen? ROTFLMAO - stand back!

Janet said...

Oh really? Because when Conservative Party fundraisers call to beg me for money, they brag about the bill Canada's New Government has passed banning corporate (and trade union, and unincorporated association) donations and used that as a reason that I should give them money. This bill came into effect on January 1 and is called the "Accountability Act." You should look it up, you'd probably think it's pretty cool since Stephen Harper did it. In fact, you don't even have to look it up, I'll bring joy to your world by posting it here for you:

Chretien introduced many despicable donation and spending limits that Stephen Harper opposed as president of the National Citizens' Coalition, but the CPC hasn't reversed those and the Accountability Act further restricted Canadians' freedom of expression and association.

All I can say about your little "If you really believed in freedom, you would talk about FreeDominion" rant is, "Wowee, you really are out to make an ass of yourself!" I've never defended Canada's Human Rights code, and even though I think FreeDominion consists mostly of obnoxious loonies, they should be able to say whatever they want. I have said on my blog many times that freedom of speech isn't restricted by peoples' feelings, which is what the Human Rights Code complaints that come up nowadays are usually based on. But whatever, maybe you just don't know how to work archives and that's how you got confused.

And I'm assuming that by calling me a drama queen, what you mean is, "Like, ohmigod, that is so unfair to Stephen Harper. You are, like, the meanest girl ever! How could you say such terrible things about Canada's New Government? They are like, the best ever!"

If you wanted to get involved in politics as a contest on who can spew the party line loudest until the CPC can gain a majority, that's cool - I believe in freedom of speech, remember? - but I got in because I think we can make this country better if we do the right things, and I won't stand for compromises that I think will hurt Canadians just for the sake of gaining power. If standing up for something that's right even if it's against the policy of the party I support makes me a capital-L Liberal then I'll be as glad to be called that as I was to be called Conservative when the party actually stood for something other than the incremental vote-buying the PMO seems to think it takes to increase the CPC seat count.

NB taxpayer said...

Go janet, go janet, go janet! LOL!

zolton said...

What the conservatives are actually corporate fascist republicans from the united states!
Using Leo Strauss philosophy of deception to coerce and manipulate people into the NAU! NO!

Iggy's the Democrats plant, to push the SPP fromthe liberal party.

Keep digging the conservatives used the republican tactic of getting money from out of the country for donation. By having the outside source give the funds to a Canadian lawyer. Thats unconstitutional

This is gonna sound lame but NDP way to be!