Monday, September 24, 2007


Props to The Freeway to Serfdom on his concise post regarding examples of Canadian health care problems in Dead Meat, a mini-documentary showing arguments against universal health care that you can watch in its entirety on YouTube.

Dead Meat has been out for some time, but that doesn't make the following any less true, and I couldn't have said it better:

Pay attention to the guy midway through who is stuck on a waiting list for cataract surgery. The reason he's on that list, when LASIK or similar procedures remain private and can be had in a matter of days, is that the former is an "essential" service, while the latter is "cosmetic" only.

That's right, the absolutely necessary procedure is inaccessible and severely rationed, while the elective one has become as ubiquitous as a brake and muffler shop. Just one of the many logical somersaults you Americans will have to get used to performing once Hillary and Obama start ladling out the "free" medicine.

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