Tuesday, September 11, 2007

staffing change needed.

What is up with the Ontario PCs' signs this time around? They look like they were:
a) designed in MS Paint, or
b) messed up and fixed with stickers... by an amateur.

(Not meant to pick on Michael Harris specifically... although what a name to be running under John Tory... he's just the first one that comes up under a google search.)
Believe it or not, they look worse in real life.

Maybe all the graphic designers worked for Klees and Flaherty?

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Christian Conservative said...

Ours look different... no better, but different.

Though I hate it, I'll go ahead and admit it... the Liberals have beaten the Tories hands down on the sign front.

Actually... it looks like they took a couple pages out of our playbook for the next Federal vote. ;-)