Monday, October 08, 2007

on October 10th, vote...

... Libertarian. Vote Freedom Party. Vote Green. Hell, vote Family Coalition or NDP if that's what you really want. Vote for ideas and principles. Vote for anything but the same old, same old being tossed around by the mainstream parties.

In a province where people are so disenfranchised by the broken promises and political rhetoric that they voted for a citizen's assembly to study changing the electoral process, the last thing that we should be doing is voting for more of the same.

If you've stayed away from the Kool-Aid, you know exactly why no one in this province seems to give a damn which way the election is going - because it doesn't really matter.

The Progressive Conservatives and the NDP both claim to oppose the kind of promise-breaking that we've seen in this province in the last four years, but neither has proposed a solution. No "Honesty in Politics" act, no recall legislation - no tangible way to show their commitment to their word.

The Progressive Conservatives claim that the Liberals are ruining the economy, but propose more spending and the phasing out of only one tax, even if it one of the largest ever introduced. There is no talk of shrinking government, and no talk of lower income or business taxes, in spite of claims of irresponsible expansion and bloated government.

In a province where everybody has a story, about a friend or family member, or about themselves having absolutely abhorrent medical care, where a court challenge against the ban on private health insurance is brewing, nobody is proposing a real solution to make sure Ontarians can get the health care they need.

And the Liberals... well, even Dalton McGuinty acknowledges he's a liar these days, because he knows he has nothing to worry about.

A vote for the main parties seems to amount to a vote for different angles from which we can pass the buck, ignore our problems and hope everyone forgets about it by 2012 - not for any kind of leadership or change for this province.

When Dalton McGuinty can run the province the way he has for the past four years and end up with another majority, if people can look at all their choices and decide Dalton is the best option, we know that the system is broken.

So if you just want lower taxes and smaller government, send a message by voting for what you think this province needs, and not just a party banner.

If you just wants to be able to own your pit bull responsibly and in peace, vote for a party who would leave your dogs alone and hold irresponsible owners responsible rather than punishing you.

If you want to be able to have a cigarette at your favourite bar, or run your business the way you see fit, vote for the candidate you think would fight for you.

If you want a cleaner environment, vote for the party that you think has the plan to make it happen.

But whatever you do, don't vote for more of the same. Your vote doesn't have to be meaningless if you don't want the Liberals, even under first past the post.

Let's send politicians a message in the one language they understand - lost votes.

Let's tell them that we want real solutions proposed if they see problems in our province, not more of the same old, same old.

Let's change the way things will be done next time around; show them that no vote should be taken for granted.

We want a choice between different sets of ideas, because we know that's how the problems of this province should be solved.

Anyone who hasn't drunk that Kool-Aid knows the way this election is going, so let's make a difference in the one way that we still can.


Matt said...

with respect, vote PC, the only party that has a chance in hell of disciplining the current government. Let's vote libertarian, FCP and all the other fringe groups when the next PC government is about to get thrown out on it's ear.

Janet said...

The PC party might have a chance in hell of disciplining the current government if it had a chance in hell of forming the next government.

As it stands we need to send a message about what PC supporters (or any other constituency) want - PC organizers are taking for granted many votes because they take for granted the mindset that "if you want responsible government, you have to vote PC," even if what the PCs are promising doesn't amount to responsible government.

Brian said...

Why vote PC? Tory is just more Dalton more Liberal. I have never in my life not voted Conservative, but John Tory, and Gerry Martiniuk (my local guy) have made it impossible.

Time to move on... if only there was a Freedom Party candidate in my riding.

zolton said...

Everyone knows that the most honorable and honest members of the Canadian political system wear orange.