Tuesday, October 30, 2007


All of these honest to goodness tax cuts are great news, regardless of what the motivation is (or who they come from, for that matter).

Looks good on Flaherty. Certainly much better than he looked last year.

Gotta give credit where it's due, or criticisms don't mean a thing.

(In other news, this is the single most hilarious picture of Jim Flaherty that I've ever seen. Props to the Globe for a good laugh.)


zolton said...

The GST tax cut is soooo bunk!

Janet said...

I agree that the GST cut is politically smart without necessarily being economically smart, (though I'd see more of a case for this if there wasn't still a $12B surplus leftover), and that taking credit for re-implementing the cut from 15.5% to 15% that they reversed in the first place was pretty slimy, but either way it's better for Canadians to have more of their money in their pockets.

I see a case for higher consumption taxes if income taxes were going to take a big hit, but they're still pretty high and they're not going anywhere so it's kind of a moot point. (Plus higher consumption taxes just make Canadian products less competitve, so I'm not completely sold.)

Anyway, a GST cut is without a doubt better than the targeted subsidy programs they rolled out last March and tried to pass as tax cuts.

zolton said...

The GST cut does not put money in the hands of Canadians it takes it away.
Do you think that retailers are going to remove the extra 1 % GST cost or just add it to their own profit margins?

This whole tax break was A political move to cater to conservatives who are fed up with their NEO-Liberal corporate policies.
User fees should be increased for people who consume finite resources rapidly. It's more philosophical and economical viable to punish the companies/individuals who use more then their share of resources.
This will dictate to the market that people should take into account the FULL impact of their business decisions or at least steer them in the right direction.
The price/competitiveness of a product will soon be encompassed by the moral and intelligence of the informed consumers. Canadian products have allot of competitive attributes that are not being taken advantage of.
DO you see how competition turns into ruthlessness... That ruthlessness turns into Greed and the pure metaphysical expression of it for that is the MAIN principal in application that the system focus's on.

Janet said...

You just said several things that I could intelligently respond to, but what's the point?

Thanks for reminding me that any attempt to engage you in some sort of dialog is just going to result in your spewing the same old gibberish that's been effectively debunked multiple times on this blog alone.

zolton said...

I would love to see this debunking!

zolton said...

Not so easy to debunk a solid metaphysical understanding.
I still however would never claim to be the voice of reason.

Zip said...

So Zoltan are you trying to say that retailers are going to waste the time and money to re-price everything in their store?

So... By your reasoning that is what happened last time we got a reduction in the GST? So it's just my liberally addled mind that makes me believe that my Large Double Double from Timmies which costs me $1.39 didn't cost me $1.40 before July 1 2006?

BTW, addicted as I am to my Tim's this savings alone has probably saved me about $5.00. (Thats more than three large coffee right there!!!) ;-p