Tuesday, November 13, 2007

cathartic mockery

My friend sent me a website of infuriating t-shirts today, and since they're in need of mocking, here I go:

The site (Radical Jack - god I hope this doesn't get them any business... or do I? Oh, the irony!) is covered in communist nonsense, so I can only assume that their solution to this problem would be to have the government get bigger so that it can tax the rich to pay for social programs and other government goodies to try an equalize things.
Apparently, it's never occurred to these people that it's not the rich that start wars, it's governments. And when governments make wars, it's the people that fund those wars who die.

... through really really really big government that takes away the money of the people so that they spend it how they should, not how they want to. Freedom is slavery!

Oh, my mistake. Apparently capitalism (aka, the private means of production) is slavery. I've forgotten how liberating it would be to have the government take away a business I'd worked to build and all the profits I'd earn through operating that business. I can only assume that Jack sends his profits straight to the government.

This one is cool, except they forgot to add "... or you'll be executed." to the end of the quote... since that's basically how Che operated.

Well, I don't know about you, but I feel better now.

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